hello and welcome!

this is a little information hub for my personal worldbuilding project and setting, one that i've been working on on-and-off for years, ever since i was very small! the ideas started forming when i was a kid, but i've only very recently started putting all the pieces together into something i'm happy with. i'm seriously not used to making a website like this, so please feel free to let me know if i've messed something up big time!

Teres is little different from a planet you or i might live on. it takes a lot of inspiration from Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, Touhou Project, Ragnarok Online, Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro, and the world of... well, The World, the fictional setting inside of the .hack franchise. Nier and Arknights both played a large role in inspiring me as well! it is a post-post-...post?-apocalyptic setting, a world on the upswing towards peace after continuous tragedy and strife.

while it is an effort of love, and is something i put a lot of work into, it's not too serious. it's pretty goofy and not always extremely hammered out - there's a lot to leave to the imagination, because i think that's more fun! i would ask that you exercise your suspension disbelief while reading about it, if you wouldn't mind.


  • FEB 14 2023: changed some lore on the RELIGIONS page!
  • DEC 11 2022: added the second chapter of TABLESPOON'S TALE!
  • DEC 12 2022: added collapsible sections to most pages on site for less clutter. also added a new chapter to HISTORY PAGE, but please heed the content warning.

the cute floaty Teres gif is by my friend xlvi! thank you xlvi!

if you'd like to link to my page, here you go!