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teres is what's known as a planet with a strong "magic energy," compared to your or my planets which, in comparison, have no magic energy at all. from the very beginning of its history, the inhabitants have been able to use magic in their daily life.

the gods of creation in Teresi myth are tangible beings, ones that really do exist, and it is because of their influence that Teres has the magic system that everyone uses today. each of these gods corresponds to a singular element, but these elements can mix and mingle freely.

the basics of this magic system go like this:

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  • everyone is born with the ability to use simple magic corresponding to the month they were born in (as each month is ruled over by a god, and thusly an element as well) - for example, being born in the red month means you would have an easy, effortless time using fire magic. this link between you and the magic you're granted at birth is called an "innate pact." this innate pact is nearly impossible to break, and it would be unwise to do so anyways.
  • aside from the element your innate pact is formed with, other elemental magic has more of a strain on the body and mind. with proper training, it's possible to ease the strain, but it's usually not advised. however, a person can make multiple different elemental pacts - "secondary pacts" as it were - which grants more ease of access to such magic.
  • while the above point is true, most people can only handle two pacts in total. the process to form secondary pacts is arduous and complicated, often requiring a great amount of time and resources that many people don't have access to. not only that, but the process leaves an even greater strain on the individual's body due to the great concentration of magic entering it, with the recovery taking longer each time. as of writing this, the highest amount of pacts one person has had is four. it's generally considered a frivolous and unnecessary idea.
  • everyone does have one single magic act that they're very proficient in from birth, called a magic talent. to this day, researchers still don't really understand why or how this happens, but they're accepted as a part of everyday life. for example, someone might be able to summon fully bloomed roses into their hand, or another person might be able to tell the exact age of any object or person they touch.
  • the strain on a person using magic is directly proportionate to how much energy they exert to cast. a small flicker of flame won't kill someone, but putting out an entire forest fire alone might. as long as it's used responsibly and enough rest is gained afterwards, it shouldn't be a problem at all.
  • it is possible to completely nullify all pacts and become a nonmagical being to one's core. most people would not think of doing it, due to the convenience of magic, but there's a non-zero chance that someone you meet may have done it. not that that's a bad thing at all, as it's tied to personal beliefs - a rejection of the gods, most of the time.

in teres, the elements and the gods are closely linked. the religion page will go more into this; it is still a work in progress, but there's some good reading there!
the elements of Teres are each associated with their own respective colour, art form, life skill, virtue, good luck charm, and biome. along with this, certain beastkin do associate their beastly attributes to the elements as well, but this is more of a personal choice.

elemental chart

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colour element art skill virtue charm biome
white light storytelling cleaning open mind scarves snowy
red fire metalworking cooking passion lanterns savanna
orange earth sculpting construction altruism gems, bone shards underground
yellow electric glasswork communication spontaneity wire-wrap jewelry desert
green plants textiles hunting creativity tassels forest
teal air dancing traveling freedom papercrafts steppe
blue water painting plant care comfort seaglass tropical
purple sound music archiving knowledge bells highlands
black dark papercraft preserving food, etc confidence jars rainforest